Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tips On Making Your 'Will Power' strong

If you have ever watched the movie"Green Lantern" you will find that the main source of the Hero's power is his Will Power and his enemy is his Fear.At the end of the movie we see that Will Power is stronger than Fear and it is true.Many of us do read books and attend various programs to train our mind to become strong.However, it is our common experience that we do control our mind for some time and then we give up.

Most of us especially teenagers find it very difficult to control their mind.We think that our mind is on auto-pilot and we cannot control it.Well, that is not true. If you have read the novel "The Secret" you will realize that you have missed so much by not using your Will Power and the power of your mind.
Below you can watch the Trailer of the movie"The Secret". It will surely inspire you a lot.

Well, it says that there are basically three laws--Laws of Attraction
  • First law--Think what you want.The world is your catalog and you can wish for whatever you want.
  • Second law--Believe and have faith that you will get it
  • Third law-feel good about it and think of your wish as it is on its way.
You can know more about "The Secret" by buying the DVD from the link provided below:
    The Secret (Extended Edition)Self-Help Movies & TV)

    Other Tips on making your 'Will' strong are:
    • Make a small diary and name it as "My Task Book" Write about your task in the diary and also the date of when you are going to accomplish it and sign on it. Now, try to accomplish your task that you intended to complete at a given time.
    • Whenever you fail to accomplish your task make a note of it.At the the end of the week, check your progress
    • Remember, the more you accomplish the task you intended to complete the more your will becomes stronger.
    The better way to make your will strong is to know about "The Secret". I watched the movie and it made a lot of difference to me.Watch it or read it and don't forget to use it because that is how you will know about Your Secret .


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