Thursday, 21 July 2011

EAGLE Tutorial

In my last article I provided a short description of Proteus software. In this article I will talk about eagle software.Towards the end I have also provided EAGLE tutorial for the beginners.

While Proteus software is used for both schematic as well as PCB designing, EAGLE is solely used for PCB designing. If you want to be more precise with your PCB then you should go for EAGLE software.With EAGLE you can make your complex PCB designs and is auto-router tool makes it more flexible to use.

Unlike Proteus, this is not a simulation software. You can simulate your electronic design with this software.But you can make your schematic design with the help of EAGLE.

EAGLE comes in both FREE as well as PAID version.If you are a student then FREE version can work for you and you can use it to get yourself familiarized with the PCB designing.
I have provided the link below to download the FREE version.
Please click here to download the FREE version of EAGLE software

Below I have provided the Tutorials for using EAGLE software.
Please Note:The tutorials provided below have been taken from You tube. All credits to RPC Electronics.

Tutorial 1
This tutorial deals with fundamentals of using EAGLE software.Here, you will learn about how to create a new project and work with schematic

Tutorial 2
In this tutorial you will learn more about schematic designing like naming your devise and configuring settings.

Tutorial 3
This tutorial will show you an example of a working circuit along with some pitfalls that you should avoid.

Tutorial 4
This is the continuation of the above tutorial.Here you will learn complete the basic schematic and make some required changes.Along with this you will also about some new tips and tricks that can prove useful to you while you work with EAGLE software.

Tutorial 5
The schematic making will be completed in this tutorial and start with the PCB making

Tutorial 6
Tutorial 7

Tutorial 8

Tutorial 9
Tutorial 10
I have added here most of the tutorials in one place itself which can get you started.Again, thanks to RPC electronics for its wonderful contribution.


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